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(Весь необходимый софт для настройки Ваших майнеров — воркеров для работы )

CGMiner     sha256, scrypt, Down-Logo Down1-Logo Down1-Logo
BFGMiner     sha256, scrypt, Down-Logo Down1-Logo Down1-Logo
SGMiner     sha256, scrypt,x11,x13,NeoScrypt,Lyra2RE,Pluck,Whirlpoolx Down-Logo Down1-Logo Down1-Logo
SPH-SGMiner     sha256, scrypt,x11,x13, Down-Logo Down1-Logo Down1-Logo
CudaMiner       scrypt-jane, scrypt,scrypt-n,keccak,blake Down-Logo Down1-Logo Down1-Logo
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CPUMiner       scrypt,x11,x13, Down-Logo Down1-Logo Down1-Logo
CPUMiner       ZR5, Down-Logo Down1-Logo Down1-Logo
SGMiner/CCMiner     ZR5, Down-Logo Down1-Logo Down1-Logo

Wolf0 Rewritten X11 — Binaries

Optimized X11 Binaries

Some of my older binaries were leaked, so I figure you may as well get them from the author. For reference, here is my screenshot with hashrates: (WARNING, NSFW):

I’ll be releasing Pitcairn in a bit, to prove I’m the actual author; they don’t have one, nor up to date source to generate one.

EDIT: Here it is, proof I’m the original author, as no one else has the source that generates these binaries:

EDIT 2 (12/05/2014): To use, get SGMiner 5 first. Then, generate your own bin file with it, and ensure you are using worksize 64.

After that, rename my binary to the same name as the one SGMiner 5 generated, and copy it into the same folder, replacing it. Then restart your miner.

Note that you must use the correct bin for your GPU chip! Pitcairn is 7850/7870/R9 270/R9 270X. Tahiti is 7870XT/7950/7970/R9 280/R9 280X. Hawaii is R9 290/R9 290X/R9 295X2.

Also, I generated a binary for Cape Verde. It was a little bit of a pain, since I don’t have a GPU with a Cape Verde chip in it, and I don’t know if it’ll work, so tell me. AMD cards with Cape Verde include the 7730/7750/7770. You can get it here:

Wolf0 Rewritten X13 — Binaries

Optimized X13 Binaries

Releasing my x13 binaries. For usage info, see the x11 release Reddit thread:

For reference, screenshot with hashrates/gpu types/gpu clocks (NSFW):

And the bins:

I’ll get Pitcairn up… sometime.

EDIT: Pitcairn is up, too. All recompiled with the right driver, reference screenshot updated.